Wednesday, March 1, 2017

86 Charles: Impossible Burger #Methane

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the game changing effects of the meatless burger that tastes and feels like beef! Then they cover trending topics, at 13:42, including anxiety reducing foods, California regulation of cow farts, the inevitable melting of the ice caps, Putin's cloned dog army and a study of low social status monkeys.  At 33:26, Jesse McIntosh remembers Travis' pot legalization celebration. From the failed athletes, at 35:04, the fantasy football and real NFL playoffs are analyzed. At 51:37, your Facebook World News Update and a Methane Remix.  At 54:14, Deb Loftis reads her play from 2009 entitled Sisyphus Modern.  Finally, at 56:57, Ian from Australia recalls a story of something dead above. #methane

Listen Here!

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