Thursday, January 19, 2017

Roach Milk #CaliforniaLove

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the very real reality of humans drinking the very healthy milk secreted from a cockroach! Then, at 9:27, they cover trending topics including Freddie Mercury Asteroid, babies grown out of 2 sperm and no eggs, 2 Pac Restaurant, Polar Bears attack Russian lab, and America's deadliest animals!  At 31:31Jesse McIntosh builds his very own Playboy Mansion guest list.  At 33:02, the failed athletes cover week 1 of the NFL season.  At 48:21 the Facebook World News Update and BL5000 remixes Hillary Clinton and her distaste for water.  At 50:50, Deb Loftis records an LYP segment from the final leg of her international voyage! Finally, at 55:18, Chesty McRoddertson tells an amazing story about jerking off frogs in the name of science!! #CaliforniaLove


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