Saturday, January 21, 2017

86 Charles - Eject #legalize

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss recent events in John's life and the need to eject from a less than ideal situation.  At 10:15, they discuss trending topics including Saturn, VR Groper, the latest on DMX, Rat Soldiers and Nose Cells!  At 29:42, Jesse McIntosh analyzes John's statement of macing himself and his stance on murderers.  At 31:15, the failed athlete's discuss the Cubs in the World Series, NFL ratings down and the return of the NBA! At 53:50, your Facebook World News Update and BL5000 shares the importance voting this election day.  At 58:00, Deb Loftis doodles while in important classes and multitasks while tracking down money owed to her. Finally, at 1:03:47, Jonathan Cowan returns with a story about the corporate vanpool! #legalize

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