Thursday, January 19, 2017

86 Charles - CRISPR #popasquat

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the amazing implications of the gene editing tool CRISPR / Cas 9! Then, at 11:51, they cover trending topics including the Mars Prep Mission, Strong Radio Signal from Space, the sale of the Playboy Mansion, Lucy fell from a tree, and Colin Kaepernick sits down.  At 31:51, Jesse McIntosh grades the last episode and realizes he has standards.  At 33:30, the failed athletes discuss more Fantasy Football and NFL injuries.  At 50:16 your Facebook World News Update and at 50:56 the Crisper Remix..? At 54:04, Deb Loftis drops in from Istanbul to provide some culture and drumming.  Finally, at 59:37, Essa A. tells a story of a world traveler unaware of toilet technique. #popasquat 
Listen Here!

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