Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kola Borehole #Rush

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the deepest hole in the world... Then, at 10:48 they cover news stories including the groundbreaking Chinese Quantum Satellite, Juno's Jupiter flyover, breakthrough gonorrhea cure?, sex doll renting in Dublin and poor sleep leading to Alzheimer's.  At 30:06, Jesse McIntosh wonders about the reality that an 18 month old child willingly ate mushrooms. At 32:00, your Facebook World News Update.  At 32:45, the internet remix of hate for the band Rush. At 36:22, Deb Loftis recounts the script idea she had for Tim Dog... the Musical! Finally, at 42:17, Travis gets fired for liking Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson... aka #Rush!

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sky Island by Travis Spencer

The following is the first two chapters from the novel Sky Island by Travis Spencer:
Sky Islands are isolated mountains surrounded by radically different lowland environments. This has significant implications for natural habitats. Endemism, altitudinal migration, and relict populations are some of the natural phenomena to be found on sky islands. -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

86 Charles: Impossible Burger #Methane

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the game changing effects of the meatless burger that tastes and feels like beef! Then they cover trending topics, at 13:42, including anxiety reducing foods, California regulation of cow farts, the inevitable melting of the ice caps, Putin's cloned dog army and a study of low social status monkeys.  At 33:26, Jesse McIntosh remembers Travis' pot legalization celebration. From the failed athletes, at 35:04, the fantasy football and real NFL playoffs are analyzed. At 51:37, your Facebook World News Update and a Methane Remix.  At 54:14, Deb Loftis reads her play from 2009 entitled Sisyphus Modern.  Finally, at 56:57, Ian from Australia recalls a story of something dead above. #methane

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Friday, February 24, 2017

86 Charles - Dope #trumped

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the glorious legalization of marijuana and how it was all trumped by well, you know... At 9:10, they discuss trending topics including a Zika cure?, no more condoms in CA porn, San Diego stadium initiative, goodbye Joe Arpaio and of course the bizarre Martin Shkreli Wu-Tang release.  At 26:28, Jesse McIntosh remembers Travis' almost perfect World Series prediction. At 28:07, the failed athletes cover the boring NFL and the excitement of the young NBA season. At 41:48, your Facebook World News Update and the Prop 64 Dope Remix. At 45:33, Deb Loftis remembers the words of Anne Frank and sees history repeating itself again. Finally at 49:54, Kyle the band director tells a story of losing his temper. #trumped

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

86 Charles - Eject #legalize

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss recent events in John's life and the need to eject from a less than ideal situation.  At 10:15, they discuss trending topics including Saturn, VR Groper, the latest on DMX, Rat Soldiers and Nose Cells!  At 29:42, Jesse McIntosh analyzes John's statement of macing himself and his stance on murderers.  At 31:15, the failed athlete's discuss the Cubs in the World Series, NFL ratings down and the return of the NBA! At 53:50, your Facebook World News Update and BL5000 shares the importance voting this election day.  At 58:00, Deb Loftis doodles while in important classes and multitasks while tracking down money owed to her. Finally, at 1:03:47, Jonathan Cowan returns with a story about the corporate vanpool! #legalize

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Friday, January 20, 2017

86 Charles - Endangered Species

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the recent addition of seven species of Hawaiian bees onto the endangered species list.  At 6:56, they cover trending topics including James Madison University's 'Don't Say List', legitimization of a Mayan Codex, 2019: The New Ice Age, the World's Hottest Chip and the South Bay Cat Killer!  Then, at 27:40, Jesse McIntosh remembers John's fear of men having babies. At 29:46, the failed athletes discuss football, and more football!  At 44:11, your Facebook World News Update and Bees Remix.  At 47:00, Deb Loftis remembers her recent international voyage and how everyone along her path is afraid of Donald Trump!  Finally, at 51:36, Nunya drops in to deliver a story about touching another man's shirt. #bees


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Roach Milk #CaliforniaLove

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the very real reality of humans drinking the very healthy milk secreted from a cockroach! Then, at 9:27, they cover trending topics including Freddie Mercury Asteroid, babies grown out of 2 sperm and no eggs, 2 Pac Restaurant, Polar Bears attack Russian lab, and America's deadliest animals!  At 31:31Jesse McIntosh builds his very own Playboy Mansion guest list.  At 33:02, the failed athletes cover week 1 of the NFL season.  At 48:21 the Facebook World News Update and BL5000 remixes Hillary Clinton and her distaste for water.  At 50:50, Deb Loftis records an LYP segment from the final leg of her international voyage! Finally, at 55:18, Chesty McRoddertson tells an amazing story about jerking off frogs in the name of science!! #CaliforniaLove


86 Charles - CRISPR #popasquat

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the amazing implications of the gene editing tool CRISPR / Cas 9! Then, at 11:51, they cover trending topics including the Mars Prep Mission, Strong Radio Signal from Space, the sale of the Playboy Mansion, Lucy fell from a tree, and Colin Kaepernick sits down.  At 31:51, Jesse McIntosh grades the last episode and realizes he has standards.  At 33:30, the failed athletes discuss more Fantasy Football and NFL injuries.  At 50:16 your Facebook World News Update and at 50:56 the Crisper Remix..? At 54:04, Deb Loftis drops in from Istanbul to provide some culture and drumming.  Finally, at 59:37, Essa A. tells a story of a world traveler unaware of toilet technique. #popasquat 
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