Thursday, August 18, 2016

86 Charles - Mock Draft #kitteninaburka

John Derby and Travis Spencer delve into the incredibly worthless world of Mock Drafts!  Then at 9:26, they cover trending topics including El Chapo's Son, Ford's vision of a driver-less future, Peanut Allergy Cure?, Monkey attacks Wal Mart Employee and the tiny Giant Panda.  At 25:26, Jesse McIntosh's favorite part from last week's show: "rando".  At 26:58 the failed athlete's offer draft advice in the first Fantasy Football Extravaganza of 2016.  At 39:03, the Facebook World News Update. At 39:44, BL5000 has her own draft advice.  At 42:19, Deb Loftis finds an old calendar and remembers the "explosive charge" put in her head!  Finally, at 47:11, Steph tells a story of a misplacing of election ballots! #kitteninaburka

Listen here!

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