Thursday, August 4, 2016

86 Charles - Hive Mind #Hermit

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the implications and predictive qualities of the 'hive mind'.  Then, at 8:58, they discuss trending topics including the modern day caveman, Faraday Caged Bar, the Himmler Diaries, 1007 Robot Dance, and 1.8 Million Year old Cancer.  At 26:23, Jesse McIntosh publishes his experiments with a test sample of 2 dogs. At 28:05, the failed athletes discuss the Cubs chances of winning the World Series and of course the WAL: World Arm Wrestling League. At 37:33, your Facebook World News Update.  At 35:19, BL5000 returns to lend her voice to a Marshall McLuhan quote and the Hive Mind Remix. At 40:58, Deb Loftis remembers how Little Yellow Pad started and ponders a career as a Tea Sommelier.  Finally, at 47:29, Gina D'Acciaro tells a celebrity filled story of advice giving!  #Hermit
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