Thursday, August 4, 2016

86 Charles - Empathy #Ducantula

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the empathetic capacity of human beings, and sometimes how it goes to far when applied to non-human species.  At, 8:44, they cover trending topics including Tesla Autopilot Death, Jamaican Weed ATM, Turtle Egg Thief, Ancient Vase and giant Chinese Telescope.  At 26:29, Jesse McIntosh takes extreme pleasure in hearing what people are buying on Amazon. At 28:19, the failed athletes discuss Kevin Durant and the madness of NBA free agency.  At 45:43, Facebook World News Update. At 46:24, an internet empathy remix.  At 48:25, Deb Loftis remembers taking photos and videos in a post riot south-central Los Angeles. Finally, at 53:14, Alex tells a story of summer camp distraction!  #Ducantula
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