Thursday, August 4, 2016

86 Charles - Ehlo #Ohio

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the legacy of Cleveland sports and Craig Ehlo.  Then at 7:10, they cover trending topics including the Drone Hotel, sharing links without reading the article, autonomous Faraday vehicle, mother saves child from mountain lion and the auction for Hitler's jacket.  At 26:30, Jesse McIntosh takes a victory lap.  At 30:05, the failed athlete's talk NBA Finals, Draft and Copa America. At 46:22, Facebook World News Update.  At 47:04, BL5000 doesn't understand playoff vs regular season rules.  At 49:53, Deb Loftis looks back somberly at a Little Yellow Pad. Finally, at 51:04, Jonathan remembers the time he lit a cigarette under a co-workers desk! #Ohio
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