Thursday, August 18, 2016

86 Charles - Mock Draft #kitteninaburka

John Derby and Travis Spencer delve into the incredibly worthless world of Mock Drafts!  Then at 9:26, they cover trending topics including El Chapo's Son, Ford's vision of a driver-less future, Peanut Allergy Cure?, Monkey attacks Wal Mart Employee and the tiny Giant Panda.  At 25:26, Jesse McIntosh's favorite part from last week's show: "rando".  At 26:58 the failed athlete's offer draft advice in the first Fantasy Football Extravaganza of 2016.  At 39:03, the Facebook World News Update. At 39:44, BL5000 has her own draft advice.  At 42:19, Deb Loftis finds an old calendar and remembers the "explosive charge" put in her head!  Finally, at 47:11, Steph tells a story of a misplacing of election ballots! #kitteninaburka

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

86 Charles - Hive Mind #Hermit

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the implications and predictive qualities of the 'hive mind'.  Then, at 8:58, they discuss trending topics including the modern day caveman, Faraday Caged Bar, the Himmler Diaries, 1007 Robot Dance, and 1.8 Million Year old Cancer.  At 26:23, Jesse McIntosh publishes his experiments with a test sample of 2 dogs. At 28:05, the failed athletes discuss the Cubs chances of winning the World Series and of course the WAL: World Arm Wrestling League. At 37:33, your Facebook World News Update.  At 35:19, BL5000 returns to lend her voice to a Marshall McLuhan quote and the Hive Mind Remix. At 40:58, Deb Loftis remembers how Little Yellow Pad started and ponders a career as a Tea Sommelier.  Finally, at 47:29, Gina D'Acciaro tells a celebrity filled story of advice giving!  #Hermit
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86 Charles - Tools #AugmentedReality

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the recent discover of tool use by the capuchin monkeys.  At 7:36, they discuss trending topics including Pokemon Go, NASA UFO Denial, Amazon Drone Parking, the non-existence of a "Perfect" Diet, and the escort app OhLaLa! At 28:11, Jesse McIntosh relives his childhood with the pronunciation of "Osprey".  At 29:45, the failed athletes discuss a slow sports week. At 43:08, Facebook World News. At 43:51, the augmented reality of the RNC....? At 45:13, Deb Loftis aka "the Doodler" tells an origins story of sorts of LYP. Finally, at 49:35, Jonathan Cowan returns to tell a horror story about a broken water pipe and a room full of electronics! #AugmentedReality
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86 Charles - Empathy #Ducantula

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the empathetic capacity of human beings, and sometimes how it goes to far when applied to non-human species.  At, 8:44, they cover trending topics including Tesla Autopilot Death, Jamaican Weed ATM, Turtle Egg Thief, Ancient Vase and giant Chinese Telescope.  At 26:29, Jesse McIntosh takes extreme pleasure in hearing what people are buying on Amazon. At 28:19, the failed athletes discuss Kevin Durant and the madness of NBA free agency.  At 45:43, Facebook World News Update. At 46:24, an internet empathy remix.  At 48:25, Deb Loftis remembers taking photos and videos in a post riot south-central Los Angeles. Finally, at 53:14, Alex tells a story of summer camp distraction!  #Ducantula
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86 Charles - Ehlo #Ohio

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the legacy of Cleveland sports and Craig Ehlo.  Then at 7:10, they cover trending topics including the Drone Hotel, sharing links without reading the article, autonomous Faraday vehicle, mother saves child from mountain lion and the auction for Hitler's jacket.  At 26:30, Jesse McIntosh takes a victory lap.  At 30:05, the failed athlete's talk NBA Finals, Draft and Copa America. At 46:22, Facebook World News Update.  At 47:04, BL5000 doesn't understand playoff vs regular season rules.  At 49:53, Deb Loftis looks back somberly at a Little Yellow Pad. Finally, at 51:04, Jonathan remembers the time he lit a cigarette under a co-workers desk! #Ohio
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