Thursday, May 26, 2016

86 Charles - 2.5 Years #anthropomorphism

John Derby and Travis Spencer try to wrap their minds around the idea that the core of the earth is 2.5 years younger than the crust.  At 5:41, they discuss trending topics including: an untouched 5.5 million year old cave, baby bison put in trunk of car by Yellowstone visitors, 5000 year old beer recipe, The Chinese elevated bus, and a lawsuit between Dual Survival co-hosts.  At 25:36, Jesse McIntosh ponders his first tattoo.  At 27:09, the failed athletes discuss the NBA playoffs and the Knicks hiring of Jeff Hornacek. At 44:28, the weekly Facebook World News Update.  At 45:15, BL 5000 sees a problems with the human species' relationship with wildlife.  At 47:59, Deb Loftis gloats on her third Survivor Fantasy League Championship! Finally, at 53:18, Brian the Martial Arts Teacher tells a story of attempting to cheat to earn a black belt! #anthropomorphism
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