Friday, April 29, 2016

86 Charles - Houseguest #Prayer

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the traits of a good houseguest.  Then, at 7:55, Nickel What: trending topics including Viking Crucifix, In Street Signals, Dutch Drone Bar, Pants-less Porn Watching Driver and Tesla Autonomous Car Safety Numbers.  At 23:15 Jesse McIntosh breaks down Double Monkicide. At 25:34, FAP: An up and down week for the Warriors, NBA Playoffs and why John still loves the NFL Draft. At 32:07, the Facebook World News Update.  At 32:52, BL5000 prays for Steph. At 35:13, Deb Loftis explores Twilight as a religion.  And finally, at 40:17, 12 Years a Server: Eric Slee provides a story of the horrors of going out to lunch with co-workers. #prayer
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