Friday, April 29, 2016

86 Charles - Cereal #dhtphtg

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss their personal histories of cereal use. Then they cover trending topics including (6:54) Chariot for Women, (10:29) 72 Year old woman survives 9 days on pond water, (12.15) the Textalyzer, (14:31) Han Solo's Jacket, and (16:08) Breakthrough Starshot. Jesse McIntosh (19:11) pumps a future sponsor. From the failed athlete's perspective (20:34) they talk all things Steph and the Warriors. John delivers the Facebook World News, and BL5000 analyzes the history of Kellogg's (24:15). Deb Loftis has monkey problems (27:29).  Finally, Audrey V. never got to be in the minstrel show. #dhtphtg
Listen here!

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