Friday, April 29, 2016

86 Charles - Houseguest #Prayer

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the traits of a good houseguest.  Then, at 7:55, Nickel What: trending topics including Viking Crucifix, In Street Signals, Dutch Drone Bar, Pants-less Porn Watching Driver and Tesla Autonomous Car Safety Numbers.  At 23:15 Jesse McIntosh breaks down Double Monkicide. At 25:34, FAP: An up and down week for the Warriors, NBA Playoffs and why John still loves the NFL Draft. At 32:07, the Facebook World News Update.  At 32:52, BL5000 prays for Steph. At 35:13, Deb Loftis explores Twilight as a religion.  And finally, at 40:17, 12 Years a Server: Eric Slee provides a story of the horrors of going out to lunch with co-workers. #prayer
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86 Charles - Cereal #dhtphtg

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss their personal histories of cereal use. Then they cover trending topics including (6:54) Chariot for Women, (10:29) 72 Year old woman survives 9 days on pond water, (12.15) the Textalyzer, (14:31) Han Solo's Jacket, and (16:08) Breakthrough Starshot. Jesse McIntosh (19:11) pumps a future sponsor. From the failed athlete's perspective (20:34) they talk all things Steph and the Warriors. John delivers the Facebook World News, and BL5000 analyzes the history of Kellogg's (24:15). Deb Loftis has monkey problems (27:29).  Finally, Audrey V. never got to be in the minstrel show. #dhtphtg
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Monday, April 25, 2016

86 Charles - Adjustment Period #robosexual

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss changing times and learning to be yourself.  Then they cover trending topics including the Melo Kid, Robosexuality, Dubai Trash Drones, heroic three legged Police Dog and Flight Attendant Evacuation.  From the failed athlete's perspective, they weigh the Warriors chances of being the G.O.A.T., the finale of March Madness, and baseball is back! Jesse McIntosh learns new legal terminology and Deb Loftis hates being harassed in the street!  Finally, Donna Wagner tells a story about meeting the one and only Alice Cooper!  #Robosexual
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

86 Charles - Nine One Six #fool

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss John's recent move to the 916 area code! Then they cover trending topics including Microsoft's Tay, Seattle's Tree Man, Frozen Puppies, Murderous Prairie Dogs and taking a photo with a hijacker.  From the failed athlete's perspective they talk the videotaping scandal involving D'angelo Russell, the Warriors dominance continues, and the Cardinals trade for Chandler Jones. Jesse McIntosh is feeling abandoned in LA and Deb Loftis contemplates couch surfing for a year.  Finally John Derby recounts the move to his first day at his new job. #fool
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