Thursday, August 18, 2016

86 Charles - Mock Draft #kitteninaburka

John Derby and Travis Spencer delve into the incredibly worthless world of Mock Drafts!  Then at 9:26, they cover trending topics including El Chapo's Son, Ford's vision of a driver-less future, Peanut Allergy Cure?, Monkey attacks Wal Mart Employee and the tiny Giant Panda.  At 25:26, Jesse McIntosh's favorite part from last week's show: "rando".  At 26:58 the failed athlete's offer draft advice in the first Fantasy Football Extravaganza of 2016.  At 39:03, the Facebook World News Update. At 39:44, BL5000 has her own draft advice.  At 42:19, Deb Loftis finds an old calendar and remembers the "explosive charge" put in her head!  Finally, at 47:11, Steph tells a story of a misplacing of election ballots! #kitteninaburka

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

86 Charles - Hive Mind #Hermit

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the implications and predictive qualities of the 'hive mind'.  Then, at 8:58, they discuss trending topics including the modern day caveman, Faraday Caged Bar, the Himmler Diaries, 1007 Robot Dance, and 1.8 Million Year old Cancer.  At 26:23, Jesse McIntosh publishes his experiments with a test sample of 2 dogs. At 28:05, the failed athletes discuss the Cubs chances of winning the World Series and of course the WAL: World Arm Wrestling League. At 37:33, your Facebook World News Update.  At 35:19, BL5000 returns to lend her voice to a Marshall McLuhan quote and the Hive Mind Remix. At 40:58, Deb Loftis remembers how Little Yellow Pad started and ponders a career as a Tea Sommelier.  Finally, at 47:29, Gina D'Acciaro tells a celebrity filled story of advice giving!  #Hermit
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86 Charles - Tools #AugmentedReality

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the recent discover of tool use by the capuchin monkeys.  At 7:36, they discuss trending topics including Pokemon Go, NASA UFO Denial, Amazon Drone Parking, the non-existence of a "Perfect" Diet, and the escort app OhLaLa! At 28:11, Jesse McIntosh relives his childhood with the pronunciation of "Osprey".  At 29:45, the failed athletes discuss a slow sports week. At 43:08, Facebook World News. At 43:51, the augmented reality of the RNC....? At 45:13, Deb Loftis aka "the Doodler" tells an origins story of sorts of LYP. Finally, at 49:35, Jonathan Cowan returns to tell a horror story about a broken water pipe and a room full of electronics! #AugmentedReality
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86 Charles - Empathy #Ducantula

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the empathetic capacity of human beings, and sometimes how it goes to far when applied to non-human species.  At, 8:44, they cover trending topics including Tesla Autopilot Death, Jamaican Weed ATM, Turtle Egg Thief, Ancient Vase and giant Chinese Telescope.  At 26:29, Jesse McIntosh takes extreme pleasure in hearing what people are buying on Amazon. At 28:19, the failed athletes discuss Kevin Durant and the madness of NBA free agency.  At 45:43, Facebook World News Update. At 46:24, an internet empathy remix.  At 48:25, Deb Loftis remembers taking photos and videos in a post riot south-central Los Angeles. Finally, at 53:14, Alex tells a story of summer camp distraction!  #Ducantula
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86 Charles - Ehlo #Ohio

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the legacy of Cleveland sports and Craig Ehlo.  Then at 7:10, they cover trending topics including the Drone Hotel, sharing links without reading the article, autonomous Faraday vehicle, mother saves child from mountain lion and the auction for Hitler's jacket.  At 26:30, Jesse McIntosh takes a victory lap.  At 30:05, the failed athlete's talk NBA Finals, Draft and Copa America. At 46:22, Facebook World News Update.  At 47:04, BL5000 doesn't understand playoff vs regular season rules.  At 49:53, Deb Loftis looks back somberly at a Little Yellow Pad. Finally, at 51:04, Jonathan remembers the time he lit a cigarette under a co-workers desk! #Ohio
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Friday, June 3, 2016

86 Charles - Nanoparticles #Mojave

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the amazing and terrifying aspects of nanoparticles and nanotechnology. At 7:02, they cover trending topics including an update on previous stories, Sausage Tossers at Vegan Cafe, Tiny Houses, Harambe, and the Ugly Naked Guy in F@#$%& is revealed. At 24:16, Jesse McIntosh recalls Travis' argument with himself. At 26:00, the failed athletes say goodbye to Russ and KD, preview the NBA Finals and Copa America. At 41:26, the Facebook World News Update.  At 42:39, BL 5000 says goodbye to the desert. At 45:30, Deb Loftis offers to root for your team for the price of a drink.  And finally, at 49:07, Donna Miller remembers her time with a cranky retirement home resident. #Mojave

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

86 Charles - 2.5 Years #anthropomorphism

John Derby and Travis Spencer try to wrap their minds around the idea that the core of the earth is 2.5 years younger than the crust.  At 5:41, they discuss trending topics including: an untouched 5.5 million year old cave, baby bison put in trunk of car by Yellowstone visitors, 5000 year old beer recipe, The Chinese elevated bus, and a lawsuit between Dual Survival co-hosts.  At 25:36, Jesse McIntosh ponders his first tattoo.  At 27:09, the failed athletes discuss the NBA playoffs and the Knicks hiring of Jeff Hornacek. At 44:28, the weekly Facebook World News Update.  At 45:15, BL 5000 sees a problems with the human species' relationship with wildlife.  At 47:59, Deb Loftis gloats on her third Survivor Fantasy League Championship! Finally, at 53:18, Brian the Martial Arts Teacher tells a story of attempting to cheat to earn a black belt! #anthropomorphism
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Friday, May 13, 2016

86 Charles - Mercury #intergalactic

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the recent Mercury Transit along with the concept of retrograde.  At 6:29, they cover trending topic including Kepler's discovery of 1,284 planets, America... the Beer, 14 year old turns down $30 million for startup, Hail Doggie, and a Lethal Weapon remake.  At 24:02, Jesse McIntosh loves the cheese psychic. At 25:57, all things NBA Playoffs.  At 39:07, Facebook World News Update. At 39:54, BL5000 says goodbye to Tim Duncan.  At 42:19, Deb Loftis remembers what was happening in June of 2011.  Finally, David Kenwood tells the story of working at a theater on opening night for New Jack City! #intergalactic 

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

86 Charles - Settle #Cheese

John Derby and Travis Spencer explore the difference between settling in and settling for.  Then at 4:09, Nickel What: trending topics including Reviving the Dead, Russian Forrest Gump, Spider Oral Sex, Cheese Cures Cancer, and Football Team Photo Genitals.  At 17:34, Jesse McIntosh discusses all of his pant-less activities.  At 19:27, Failed Athlete Perspective: Bad refereeing in the NBA Playoffs and the NFL Draft. At 28:54, Facebook World News. At 29:41, BL5000 says goodbye to Ted Cruz.  At 32:14, Deb Loftis opens up a notebook and has an emotional flashback of her college roommates. Finally, at 38:20, Karen tells a story of shaking her head at the office train-wreck! #cheese 

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Friday, April 29, 2016

86 Charles - Houseguest #Prayer

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the traits of a good houseguest.  Then, at 7:55, Nickel What: trending topics including Viking Crucifix, In Street Signals, Dutch Drone Bar, Pants-less Porn Watching Driver and Tesla Autonomous Car Safety Numbers.  At 23:15 Jesse McIntosh breaks down Double Monkicide. At 25:34, FAP: An up and down week for the Warriors, NBA Playoffs and why John still loves the NFL Draft. At 32:07, the Facebook World News Update.  At 32:52, BL5000 prays for Steph. At 35:13, Deb Loftis explores Twilight as a religion.  And finally, at 40:17, 12 Years a Server: Eric Slee provides a story of the horrors of going out to lunch with co-workers. #prayer
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86 Charles - Cereal #dhtphtg

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss their personal histories of cereal use. Then they cover trending topics including (6:54) Chariot for Women, (10:29) 72 Year old woman survives 9 days on pond water, (12.15) the Textalyzer, (14:31) Han Solo's Jacket, and (16:08) Breakthrough Starshot. Jesse McIntosh (19:11) pumps a future sponsor. From the failed athlete's perspective (20:34) they talk all things Steph and the Warriors. John delivers the Facebook World News, and BL5000 analyzes the history of Kellogg's (24:15). Deb Loftis has monkey problems (27:29).  Finally, Audrey V. never got to be in the minstrel show. #dhtphtg
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Monday, April 25, 2016

86 Charles - Adjustment Period #robosexual

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss changing times and learning to be yourself.  Then they cover trending topics including the Melo Kid, Robosexuality, Dubai Trash Drones, heroic three legged Police Dog and Flight Attendant Evacuation.  From the failed athlete's perspective, they weigh the Warriors chances of being the G.O.A.T., the finale of March Madness, and baseball is back! Jesse McIntosh learns new legal terminology and Deb Loftis hates being harassed in the street!  Finally, Donna Wagner tells a story about meeting the one and only Alice Cooper!  #Robosexual
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

86 Charles - Nine One Six #fool

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss John's recent move to the 916 area code! Then they cover trending topics including Microsoft's Tay, Seattle's Tree Man, Frozen Puppies, Murderous Prairie Dogs and taking a photo with a hijacker.  From the failed athlete's perspective they talk the videotaping scandal involving D'angelo Russell, the Warriors dominance continues, and the Cardinals trade for Chandler Jones. Jesse McIntosh is feeling abandoned in LA and Deb Loftis contemplates couch surfing for a year.  Finally John Derby recounts the move to his first day at his new job. #fool
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

86 Charles - Two Weeks Notice #Hookers

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss leaving with proper notification and how it goes against everything! Then they cover trending topics including, Sea Lion Overpopulation, Pre-Crime Predictions, 5 tons of Quarters Stolen, Drone Degree and the Warmest Winter on Record.  From the failed athlete's perspective, they look back at UFC 196, NFL off-season moves, and the Suns are back... Jesse McIntosh revels in the opportunity to say his favorite word, and Deb Loftis wants to buy all of her friends plane tickets!  Finally, Candice returns to tell a story about sleeping on the job! #Hookers

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Friday, March 11, 2016

86 Charles - Candy #Shooter

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the love of candy as a grown ass man.  Then they cover trending topics including Vegas Syphilis Outbreak, Grey Hair Cure, Gopher Gang Bang, Twin Killers (Not Markieff and Marcus) and the Russian Satellite Star.  From the failed athlete's perspective they argue of the majesty of the one and only Wardell Stephen Curry! Jesse McIntosh ponders Derby digging a standing grave, and Deb Loftis loves to travel but will never make it everywhere!  Finally, Ty tells an uplifting story about a student who turned it all around! #shooter

Thursday, March 10, 2016

86 Charles - Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. #Purging

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the monotony of life and how to break out of it!  Then they cover trending topics including a Bald Eagle Deaths, The Cecil Effect, Potato Only Diet, $40,000 Toilet and a case of mistaken identity.  From the failed athlete's perspective they talk the Warriors fastest to 50 wins all time, good riddance to Markieff Morris and Dos Anjos dropping out of fight vs McGregor. Jesse McIntosh ponders what really happened with DMX and Deb Loftis has come to understand the draw to fantasy sports!  Finally, Rick Derby remembers bussing tables and cleaning up vomit! #Purging
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Friday, February 12, 2016

86 Charles - Consciousness Survives #crystals

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the scientific reality that consciousness extends beyond physical death! They cover trending topics including DMX, Robot Cockroach, Alligator Drive-Thru, Computers deemed legal Drivers and a giant diamond!  From the failed athlete's perspective, they cover the disaster that was Cam Newton, their SB50 prop results and some fantasy basketball. Jesse McIntosh loves when John is silent, and Deb Loftis loses part of history because of a Uniball Vision pen.  Finally, an anonymous storyteller relates a story of getting bit at a bank! #crystals

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Monday, February 8, 2016

86 Charles - Greed #drug

John Derby and Travis Spencer notice the increasing amount of greed in the world as resources become more scarce.  Then they discuss trending topics including the Boat found under a Pyramid in Egypt, Bernie Sanders losing six coin tosses in Iowa, Thai Elephant Mauling, lab grown Meatballs and Mozzarella Stick Man v McDonald's.  From the failed athlete's perspective, they analyze SB 50 props and the firing of Jeff Hornacek. Jesse McIntosh knows art and Deb Loftis can't get people to fall out of her life... Finally, Jamie Hafler from the band drug, tells a story of playing with Beck! #drug

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Friday, January 29, 2016

86 Charles - Failure #FlatEarth

John Derby and Travis Spencer the failures in life and of Carson Palmer.  Then they cover trending topics including Oprah's $12 million tweet, $1 million picture of a potato, 'Miracle Man' lives after being frozen solid, Lizard in school lunch salad, and of course the dog that finished 7th in a half marathon in Alabama.  From the failed athlete's perspective, they make their SB50 picks, analyze the Warriors destruction of the Spurs and Blake Griffin's broken hand. Jesse McIntosh wishes he could glide like John, and Deb Loftis remembers her game writing days.  Finally, Margaret tells a story of the man who loved the stiltwalker!  #FlatEarth

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

86 Charles - Chromosome 6 #Bionic

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the real life superhero in the making, Olivia Farnsworth aka The Bionic Girl!  Then they discuss trending topics including the Pakistani teen who cut off his own hand, Monkey Head Transplant, Dope doesn't make teens dopes, Hillary Clinton UFO Disclosure and of course Jamie Foxx!  From the failed athlete's perspective, they analyze the NFL Divisional Round and preview the Conference Championships, along with Lebron v Steph. Jesse McIntosh flies home to Maryland but that's not his favorite part of last week, and Deb Loftis becomes a national hero in Turkey!  Finally, Alan Oliver returns to tell a story full of syrupy brown goop! #bionic

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

86 Charles - Anticipation #Heroes

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss anticipating change... Then, trending topics including USC sexual survey, North Korean Fake Missiles, 43 Year Old's Bionic Penis, Mountain Lion Forehead Teeth, and a Monk Mugged in Philly!  From the failed athlete's perspective, they analyze round one of the NFL Playoffs and preview round 2. Jesse McIntosh corrects an oversight and Deb Loftis remembers the joy of taking a Greyhound across the country.  Finally, Jose Martinez flies to Cuba!  #Heroes
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

86 Charles - 2016 #RedFireMonkey

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss all the implications of the new year...2016!  Then they cover trending topics including, the Faraday Future, Smart Phone Hallucination, Giant Sapphire, Vagina Speaker and Billy Football.  From the failed athlete's perspective, they analyze the NFL playoffs and the fall of the mighty Suns.   Jesse McIntosh delivers his favorite part of last week / last year's show, Deb Loftis opens up a notebook and unlocks memories of her brilliant talents as a playwright and director... and finally, Candice Hull tells a story of working security at a college dorm.  #RedFireMonkey
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

86 Charles - Parallel Universe #Security

In the final episode of 2015: John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the possibility of living in a parallel universe.  Then they cover trending topics including the Feds and Pot, LA vs NY terror threat, Stormtrooper T-shirt banned, the Chinese buying canned air and of course topminnow... From the failed athlete's perspective they analyze Conor McGregor's 13 second knockdown of Jose Aldo, the Panthers and Cam keep rolling, the Warriors streak ends and of course...the Suns. Jesse McIntosh hates being predictable and Deb Loftis can rhyme or do whatever she wants in her notebook on her birthday!  And finally, Lalo Vasquez tells a story of getting in the hot tub at a Motel 6.  Happy Holidays from all of us at 86 Charles! #Security

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