Wednesday, December 9, 2015

86 Charles - Options #tomahawk

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the importance of having options in life. Then they cover trending topics including Alaskan Mayor Death, Yoga Class Banned, 89 Bags of Heroin in a Pregnant Woman, Bear Rape, and an Unsupervised Tomahawk.  From the Failed Athlete's Perspective, they analyze the undefeated Carolina Panthers, the sloppy Cardinals win, the undefeated Warriors and of course the legend... Jon Leuer. Jesse McIntosh takes a "deep dive" into Pastafarianism, and introducing a new segment with Deb Loftis as she revisits passages from her countless Little Yellow Notebooks!  And finally, Andrea Chesley tells a story of those people who just don't want to leave the trailer park! #tomahawk
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