Friday, November 20, 2015

86 Charles - Anonymous

John Derby and Travis Spencer question the implications of a hacktivist group leading the charge against terrorists in cyber warfare, and the very future of warfare.  Then they cover trending topics including Charlie Sheen, Hypersonic Rocket Engines, Psychic Extortion, Pastafarianism and how ignoring Facebook makes you happy! From the failed athlete's perspective, they discuss Ronda Rousey's beatdown at the hands of Holly Holm, Dancing in the NFL (Drew Stanton and Cam Newton), and an early take on the NBA season. Jesse McIntosh delivers his favorite part from last week's episode, and Demiko Fitzgerald reads an open letter to the refrigerator thief!  #anonymous

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

86 Charles - Missile Test #Reptilians

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the social media outcry of "aliens" after the Navy's recent Trident missile test over the Pacific Ocean.  Then, they cover trending topics including China's two baby policy, University of Missouri Protests, Star Wars Fan's Dying Wish, the end of the Shamu show and Prisoners on Crocodile Island!  From the failed athlete's perspective, they talk the very exciting week 9 in the NFL, are the Carolina Panthers for real? and the new NBA season! Jesse McIntosh has too many things he enjoyed about last week, and Deb Loftis tells of a co-worker planning their own birthday party!  #Reptilians
Music By: Beastie Boys (Prod by Mellif), Little DragonKeny Arkana and Unxp.

Friday, November 6, 2015

86 Charles - Quo Vadimus #Patriot

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the timeless question... Quo Vadimus aka 'Where are we going?".  Then they cover trending topics including the KKK Halloween costumes, Anonymous outing of KKK members, Google Drones, a crack in the Wyoming landscape and Google Translate Error leading to a Clitoris Festival!  From the failed athlete's perspective, they talk World Series (Duda), Arizona Cardinals, NFL Injuries, the birth of the official 86 Charles Fantasy Baskeball league and more! Jesse McIntosh reveals his hidden fear of reading abbreviations and Allan the tour guide tells of a spooky seance at the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. #Patriot

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

86 Charles - Gratitude #RIPflip

John Derby and Travis Spencer discuss the value of gratitude.  Then they focus on a science heavy set of trending topics, including Comet Lovejoy, Human Chimera, frozen lions, what is really in your hot dog and the Zeno Effect!  From the failed athlete's perspective, they analyze CJ2K, the NBA season and the World Series. Jesse McIntosh returns to talk about his favorite part of last week's episode, and Donna June aka John's Mom tells a story of stocking microwaves at Wal Mart! #RIPflip
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