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Pope Francis was caught molesting the feet of several boys.  This story comes as devastating news to The Vatican and to all Catholics around the world.  One would think that the Pope would be able to control himself with his current position of standing, but no, the fleshy youth protruding from the pant legs of the youth proved to be too insatiable.  I personally blame the Vatican, blocking internet porn from the Pope is simply unjust. The poor man is unable to enjoy the bevvy of great foot fetish sites out there. Perhaps if he would have had the chance to check out or, those poor juveniles would have been spared. (If you're really kinky head on over to   I don't have time to get into all the intricacies of the foot game, but in the case of the Pope, it is just unacceptable for him to be going around fingering those toes and toe holes as the public watches.

Okay, okay, so Pope Francis was simply washing some juvenile delinquent feet, i.e. Jesus Christ washing the feet of his disciples before his crucifixion.


These are truly wild times when it comes to the Pope and The Vatican.  Pope Benedict XVI stepped down, becoming the first to do so in over 600 years.  That's a tough thing to do when you are appointed directly by God himself!  So naturally such an event would heighten curiosity around the world and lead to conspiracy theories of why it happened. 

Did Benedict have to step down because he wanted to bring light to the corruption of the Vatican Bank and fix it?  Did they replace him with Pope Francis so that he can end the bank altogether?  People will see Francis as a hero and a savior, when really he is selling out the Vatican to the globalist banksters who have been systematically taking down one country after another (i.e. Greece and Cyprus).

The more you look into the actions and history of The Vatican, the stranger it gets.

The Vatican as a whole is continually striving toward the possibility that we will make contact with an Extra Terrestrial Civilization and wants to be in a position in which they can retain their faithful followers.  
"Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can't put limits on God's creative freedom. Why can't we speak of a 'brother extraterrestrial'? It would still be part of creation." 
  -Reverend José Gabriel Funes

I won't pretend that I went to Catechism, but this is a pretty drastic change from what the "official" stance on aliens would have been just a few years ago.


Did you know that the Vatican has not one, but two observatories?  The first one on site in Italy doesn't really raise a red flag...but the second one in Arizona?  On one of the most sacred Apache Holy Sites in America?  That had to be okayed for construction by rushed Presidential legislation under the guise of an endangered species act with the help of the University of Arizona and several other institutions? It's such a crazy story, you can read all about it here.


Did you know that next to the VAAT (Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope) in the Large Binocular Telescope on Mt. Graham, is a device called LUCIFER that allows near-infrared observations. Did you know you need special clearance to visit the MGIO (Mt. Graham International Observatory)?  Check out this Orientation Package on how to properly conduct yourself if granted access to the site.  

Did you know that you cannot legally pray on MGIO without permission?  

"To add insult to injury, the University of Arizona issued a stunning and arrogant decree on Oct. 7, 1997    declaring to Native Americans that they must first obtain prayer permits from UA in writing before going up the mountain to pray."      -B.E. Powell, Associate Director, of UA’s Mt. Graham observatory:

So let me get this straight...Jesuit Priests run the adjacent telescope and surely can pray as much as they want, but a Native American must obtain a permit to pray on this mountain...WTF?!?

Deeper in, we find out that near-infrared observation has lead to many UFO sightings.  Read all about it here.

Chew on that for a bit, while you also consider this.  Have you ever heard of the Malachy Prophecy?
In this prophecy, Pope Francis is predicted to be the final pope.

The prophecy is a series of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes with the final one being Petrus Romanus.

Petrus Romanus: (From Wikipedia)
Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.[13]

What are we to take of this prophecy.  First off - Petrus Romanus - translated to Peter the Roman.
Pope Francis you say is Argentinian. True, but his father was an Italian immigrant to Argentina.  Pope Francis named himself after St. Francis of Assisi (ItalianSan Francesco d'Assisi, born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone (PIETRO = PETER)   

Whoa, don't get lost yet, it only gets better. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, the purpose of the Jesuits is the propagation of the Catholic faith by any means possible.

Following the prophecy more...":who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations" - He is placing himself as a man of the people.  He has refused to live in the papal apartment, choosing to live in the hotel that is more community based and not as lofty. He signs his name as Francis, not Pope Francis.  Read more about his actions here from CNN.  He is fulfilling the prophecy, he is the people's pope, he will give up everything for the poor and they will all follow him like sheep.

"and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] 

will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people.



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