Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Week in the Apocalypse

Maybe the Mayans were right!?!  We're less than a month past the END of the Mayan Calendar and it truly does appear as if people are losing their f#$%ing minds.  I personally have had an ear-pocalypse. I've been plain miserable (I had no idea an ear infection could be so painful!), eye's sunken in, constant ringing in my ears, head and body aches. My lifestyle has to change, too many toxins in my life. I've decided to go on a cleanse, no caffeine, no booze and poppin' fiber, digestive and liver pills like it's going out of style... so, yes my ear is ringing 24 hours a day and my shits are flowing like Jello Pudding. Viva 2013!  This week has made it clear that the human species and time as we know it are truly spinning out of control.

First, President Barack Obama posed with children, "answering their letters", to announce his executive order of 23 new measures to curb the use of firearms. Obama and his administration have decided that the use of verbal rhetoric and sound reasoning are not enough to pass their agenda.  Full fledged propaganda has been used against the people of the United States of America. I'm sure you've already seen the memes that relate Obama to Hitler, and I'm not aboard that train yet, but the more liberties we lose, the more hacktivists that get...(see below)  We didn't know how long it would take for the new version of the NDAA to kick in, but between this and Zero Dark Thirty, it's clear that propaganda being used against the citizens of the US is in full effect!

The hands of the great apocalypse clock just keep on ticking...tick....tick....tick....

The hacktivist that was one of the major supporters behind the shutdown of the SOPA and PIPA (which I opposed and wrote about here) bills, Aaron Swartz, commited suicide this week.  Swartz had recently plead not guilty to illegally downloading academic papers.  Initially the U.S. Attorney of Massachusetts was ready to throw the book at Swartz, stating that his crimes were punishable by up to 36 years in prison, this along with other charges they threw on top had a maximum sentence of some 50+ years behind bars...for downloading academic papers!!  (Something that any savvy internet user can find, maybe not all four million that Swartz did, but come on!)  But the story gets better, the US Attorney now states, after Swartz's suicide, that the most he would have done was six months in prison.  WTF?!?  Convenient timing I'd say.  Hacktivists have definitely taken notice.  Peaceful internet protest has quickly been escalated to a serious crime and it's only a matter of time before internet activists are labelled terrorists and faced with the Department of Homeland Security.

And finally, as if this week wasn't strange enough...

Manti Te'o.  Holy fucking shit!  You knew something was up with the Mormon guy who went to the most famous American Catholic School right?  I mean what's wrong with BYU?  This guys story was such an uplifting and positive change to the usual 24 hour sports news cycle.  Te'o lost his grandmother and girlfriend on the same day.  Then led his team to a huge win just days after.  Well scratch that, the girlfriend never existed.  She was an internet creation in which Te'o claims he was hoaxed by a savvy prankster.  I see it one of three ways: 1)this dude is stupid as shit (probably not), 2)he is homosexual and wanted to cover up the fact that he is never with women, or 3) He created this girlfriend dying scenario to heighten his national persona and make his story so compelling that he would be in the race for the Heisman trophy as a defensive player.  Wow!

For the record I think it's 2.  And I predicted this here!

At least we got this out of it!
Te'o-ing is the new rage!