Friday, January 27, 2012

aPODcalyptic Times LIVE! Video

Who knew vodka soaked tampons would be such a hit?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

aPODcalyptic Times goes LIVE!  Episode 37. From Universal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood, CA. with the apocalypse panel of David Duarte aka @DublDizzleJohn Derby@jamiezee123 and @travisRspencer for a discussion about the apocalypse.  Turbo Tuesday host @RobTuro joins the podcast again along with @mikeymckernan, Brian Sapir and Michael Atilano.  What a disaster!  Vladpax handed out, madness ensues.  Sound is terrible. Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is this really happening?

Is this actually happening?  

It's 2012 (thanks for nothing Cusack) and everything around me seems to be a farce.  I'm having a hard time believing that any of the "news" broadcast through mainstream media is, or has actually ever really happened.  News has become entertainment, everything is ultra-sensationalized and ridiculously beaten to death by endless pundits.  

Today, the longest running football coach in America, Joe Paterno...died.  R.I.P JoePa.  How does it happen that such a revered and trusted man of the people, a beloved coach to former players and opponents alike, was really just a shadowy old man who aided and abetted a known pedophile for 30+ years?  Really? You did nothing as this man raped 10 year old kids in the showers of the prestigious Penn State locker room?  WTF??  This can't be happening!

People are losing their sanity.  There is no moral pulse in society.  People ar living on the fringes of sanity. Republican debate crowds have not only angrily booed an active U.S. Military Soldier (I thought Republicans were all about the troops?) but also the Golden Rule, you know, the one that goes 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.  Is that something that any sane and respectable person can boo?  Is this really happening?

Or how about the U.S. Representative from New York.  A man named Weiner who tweeted his weiner to the internet and lost his job.  Is this really happening?  Why do it all seem like I'm in a Coen brothers movie right now?

The candidates running for President of the United States of America 2012 Election for the Republican Party are as follows: A) a cutthroat Mormon venture capitalist prick billionaire that strapped his family dog to the roof of his car until it shit itself; B) a snide old fart that cheated on his first wife while on her deathbed (while also championing the crusade in Lewinsky-gate), informed his second wife he wanted to be a swinger when he found out about her illness (while with wife number three), and has openly called African American's lazy (no surprise here); C) a closeted homosexual peanut brained socially-conservative blow hard that if you google his name, you will find this definition: ' semen mixed with fecal matter often left after continuous anal sex ' and D) Ron Paul.

Meanwhile the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, (a Kenyan born, undocumented, chain smoking half black man whose campaign was funded by rappers, athletes, Oprah and terrorists) has a name so similar to the greatest enemy the U.S. has ever known, Osama bin Laden, that they are commonly mistaken for one another throughout the media and culture as a whole.  Is this really fucking happening?  This has to be a fucking joke right?  

The machine elves are working hard to outdo themselves again and again.  

Is it just a coincidence that the Federal government shut down a file sharing website called THE DAY after the biggest internet protest ever? The SOPA protest was a great success right? The Senate dropped SOPA and PIPA.  Hooray!!  A win for the people, right?  It's much more complicated than this, I know, but what a strange coincidence. The fucking DAY AFTER!  

Is this really happening?  
Am I in the Matrix?
How do I get out?

When will the apocalypse save us?

Or has it already happened?  

What if it never happens? 

What if we're stuck here forever?


If only there was something I could listen to that would help me deal with all this craziness. 

If only there was a way I could laugh about this madness.  

What?  What's that you say?  There is?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Episode 36 - Robert Turo

Robert Turo aka @RobTuro joins aPODcalyptic Times Episode 36 with the apocalypse panel of David Duarte aka @DublDizzleJohn Derby, and @travisRspencer for a discussion about the apocalypse.  Topics include Turbo Tuesdays at the Universal Bar & Grill, #blackoutSOPA, PIPA, NDAA, Italian luxury cruises, NASA LENR, antibiotic big super bugs,  Austin, Texas, the apocalypse and of stars wearing condoms in Los Angeles!!

Join us all for a live podcast on January 24th, 2012 at 10pm at UBG!!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

#Blackout SOPA

On January 24th, 2012 the Senate is scheduled to vote on SOPA.

When did we start progressing backward in this country? How do we not have hoverboards by now? Why does my car still need gas? How has a person not set foot on Mars yet? Why is the best robot around still R2D2?  Why was the future that we all wanted taken away from us?

We can't live in the past anymore.  The system is broken, and as long as these rich old pricks are in power, the bowels of the government just don't move fast enough, and there's not enough prune juice to fix it!  The internet is truly the last level economic playing field and yet these bought and paid for politicians are attempting to take control of it for their own greedy purposes.

Our government is trying to pass a bill that will lead to non-stop prosecutions and the censorship of material that someone doesn't want you to see. This bill will allow for the installation of a shut off switch that will bring down websites without a trial.  It's called SOPA or Stop Internet Piracy Act (a bill written by people who don't understand the internet, they have aides and assistants for that), about the future of the internet and society as we know it. The same people who understand the internet to be a system of wires and tubes, and generally have no f#$%ing idea what they're talking about, aka your elected officials in the US SENATE!

The author of the bill, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) (who happens to be in violation of the bill on his own website) is just one of these Senators. His bill would be a major step back in civil liberties and the future of our Constitutional Rights, ie. the First Amendment. (the passing of NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) wiped out our Fourth Amendment Rights) Why would corporations like Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and Google be against such an act?  Simple, because it is short sighted and petty.  It tries to solve a complex problem, piracy with a Texas gunslinger mentality.  What happens when there is a government agency moderating and censoring your Google searches?  Wait, don't they already do that in China?

It all starts with controlling and censoring communication.

They see the internet as a threat.  They see what has happened (and is still happening) in Egypt and Libya, the Occupy Movement, people are angry all over the world.  They see what Twitter and Facebook did for these people, it processed information from the ground up, without being censored and defused by news media outlets. The internet allowed people to talk about what is really happening, no PR firms, no cover-ups, no "fair and balanced" news, no bullshit.  The government of the United States is very worried about this, they are trying to control our access to information before the blatant truth of their corruption becomes more and more obvious.

If the Senate passes this bill, they will effectively be censoring our FREE SPEECH.  That is what this is all about.  SOPA and the NDAA (which Obama said he'd veto...then didn't) have moved the pieces into place for YOU, any and all American Citizens to be cut off from communication, arrested and detained if you step out of line.

How did we get here?

The internet has allowed for more information to be available than ever before. People are constantly posting and discussing the things we see around us, the tragedies that happen in front of our faces, there is no denial of the amazing leaps and bounds we have taken in the internet age.  We are more informed than ever.  Don't let this evolution of information be controlled by people who say they are trying to make you safe.

Join the Facebook group, write your congress person, be vocal #BlackoutSOPA, Just SAY NO TO SOPA.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” 
― Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Episode 35 - Vanessa Sew Gay

Vanessa Sew Gay joins aPODcalyptic Times Episode 35 with the apocalypse panel of David Duarte aka @DublDizzleJohn Derby, and @travisRspencer for a discussion about the apocalypse.  Topics include throwing parties (, clothing design (, cycle synchronization, Lunar cycle, Russians, Space, Grind-R-Us aka Grinder for children, Facebook+Google+Twitter shutdown to dis SOPA, NDAA, Anonymous, Doomsday Clock, Robot Prison Guards and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Brought to you by VLADMINTS.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Episode 34 - JJ Dunlap

JJ Dunlap aka @therobotandjj joins aPODcalyptic Times Episode 34 with the apocalypse panel of David Duarte aka @DublDizzleJohn Derby@JamieZee123 and @travisRspencer for a discussion about the apocalypse.  Topics include 2012, the Hollywood Arsonist, Iran, China, Guns for Christmas, Stratfor, Sony, Nintendo, SOPA, NDAA and the robot zombie space end of the world.  Featuring an exclusive track from Tortsov's upcoming EP entitled Scoffer.

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